alling from a cliff, 14x19cm, mixed media on acrylic, 2017
Untitled, 14x19cm, Mixed media on acrylic, 2018
A Serious Cycling Collision (teeth), 14x19cm, mixed media on acrylic, 2017
Collided with a Bus, 14x19cm, mixed media on acrylic, 2017
Bullseye'd a windscreen.jpg

Brooches from The Bullseye’d a Windscreen piece available to buy here

The Portrait Series subject is based on the Channel 4 programme “24 Hour’s in A&E”. I became interested in how the show documented a persons life altering hospital experience by capturing their journey and the small, personal moments between family, friends and staff.

I wanted the tiles to focus on the the individual brought in as a response to the red telephone ringing, a documentation of their experience. The piece in appearance is slightly warped and distorted and becomes a still of how you may look back on a memory of a difficult experience.

I then fragmented the portrait into 12 separate pieces which became apart of the jewellery series, each piece connected back to the works narrative and allows the wearer to be apart of that process of reflecting and coming to terms with past trauma.