Yellow, 10x10cm, mixed media on perspex, 2018
Blue, 10x10cm, mixed media on perspex, 2018
Pink flower, 14x19cm, cotton thread onto perspex, 2019
Green, 10x10cm, mixed media on perspex, 2018
Red, 10x10cm, mixed media on perspex, 2018

Going from creating pieces based on documented narratives I wanted to explore the reflection side to an experience, understanding our subconscious and visually processing that.

For this series I looked at Donald W Winnicott’s Squiggle drawing technique, which within his practise was mainly used for children in a way to communicate something within their subconscious or a past feeling or experience.

Rules of how to play:

  1. Close your eyes and spend 10 seconds drawing a squiggle

  2. Take some time to look at your squiggle

  3. Draw what you see whether it is an object, figure or shape.

Have fun in creating your drawing!

Winnicott would be very interactive and engaged with the children when playing The Squiggle Game, it would become a very connected process of Winnicott drawing a squiggle, the child interpreting that squiggle into an object, shape or figure and then a reflecting conversation about what that might mean.

I explored this with my work and would interpret the squiggle using various materials in creating a final piece. I found it an interesting journey in a lot of what I would draw and found was current feelings connecting to dreams or books I would be reading at that time.

I am interested in the materials to document this journey of the linear squiggles that are random and dont hold meaning to it then becoming something more tangible with shape and a narrative. How the thread allows added texture and a clear look into the process of the squiggle to the resolved shaped.

Untitled_Artwork 6.png

Similarly to the Portrait Series I fragmented the work and recreated them into smaller pieces which became jewellery with their own unique narratives, follow the development on Red Telephones Instagram

These works below are based on the ‘Yellow’ tile above created with various layers of persepx and materials. This particular series are currently unavailable to buy, but do get in touch if you would like similar necklaces made to order.